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Information about Infomedics in your language.

Infomedics has been handling the billing for care providers in the Netherlands for more than 15 years. How do you pay the bill? What do you do if you have questions? What to do if you cannot pay the bill immediately?

Click on the symbol on the left and download the leaflet in your own language. This leaflet contains the answers to these questions.

Why are you receiving a bill from Infomedics?

Dentists, oral hygienists, orthodontists, physiotherapists and other care providers have arranged for Infomedics to send out their bills. That gives them more time to treat you. Your care provider tells Infomedics what treatment they have provided and Infomedics then prepares the bill.

You need to settle the bill with Infomedics. This has been agreed with your care provider.

More information about Infomedics (in Dutch) >

Infomedics step by step


Stap 1

Step 1

You are treated by your care provider (dentist, physiotherapist etc.)

Step 3

Step 2

Your care provider tells Infomedics what treatment they have provided to you.

Step 2

Step 3

Infomedics prepares a bill and sends it to you.

Step 7

Step 4

You check the bill, and if everything is correct you settle the bill with Infomedics.

Step 6

Step 5

If you are unable to pay the bill in full immediately, ask Infomedics for a repayment schedule.

Step 5

Step 6

If you have any questions about the bill, first check to see whether your question is listed under the FAQs.

Why am I receiving an e-mail and a bill by post?

Read the FAQs on the Dutch website

How do we handle your privacy?

Before we can send a bill, your care provider must share information about you and your treatment with us. It’s very important that this is done securely, so that this information does not fall into the wrong hands.

We are the only factoring organisation in the Netherlands to have full privacy security. Secure Internet connections, secure working methods and a secure patient portal with  the strictest security certifications mean that we have done everything to protect your privacy-sensitive data.

Read more about privacy on the Dutch website

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